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Parents and teachers

About this site

By David Campos, Special Education teacher,Toronto District School Board, Ontario

Animacat's House is an interactive educational website designed to engage children ages 5 to 8 in exploration through animation. With a strong focus on narrative storytelling, Animacat's House offers children more than 30 animated films, activities and resource materials. Each activity is designed to strengthen comprehension, communication and computer skills directed through play, discovery and experience. This website can be used in conjunction with classroom activities and themes, or as a stand-alone investigation into animation. Please read the Parent and Teacher's Guide for more information on how to use this site. Teachers, parents and children alike will all find something in Animacat's House to amuse, entertain and educate!

Website Components:

  • Films - over 30 animated films designed to inspire and educate with a focus on 5 specific films.
  • Activities - Each of the 5 featured films has several activities for children ages 5 to 8.
  • Scrapbook - These 5 films also contain interesting background information on the director/animator and production.
  • Surprises - Let your mouse explore the different rooms to find hidden treasures.

Start on the homepage and follow the prompts to visit the different rooms and view the 5 main films. After the films, you can complete the activities and research the scrapbook. You also have the option to watch a selection of 30 children's animated films from the NFB collection. You can use the Parent and Teacher's Guide to help you with ideas on how to integrate this website into your home or classroom. Just download the guide, take a look at the site, and enjoy it with your children or students!

Download Animacat's House Parent and Teacher's Guide PDF format or Word format