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Thematic unit guide

Create & animate

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Overall Objective
Enable students to understand the fundamental principles of animation.

Grade Level
Students aged 9 to 12

Content Areas
Science and Technology
Visual Arts

Films Used in this Unit
Hen Hop (1942, 3 min 40 s)
A Chairy Tale (1957, 9 min 53 s)
Le merle (1958, 4 min 39 s)
Juke-Bar (1989, 10 min 25 s)
Animando (1987, 12 min 42 s)

Optical Illusions Required
- A zoetrope
- A thaumatrope
- A flip book

Computer, Internet link, videocassette player, TV set, drawing of a chicken, chair, white paper strips that can be used to form a bird (as in the film Le merle), 3-dimensional characters (figurines, dolls, statuettes or stuffed animals), string and two paper clips, and one sheet of paper per student. If necessary, the animation glossary (Appendix III).

This unit will help students discover the techniques and optical principles that make animation possible, through a series of activities involving both arts and sciences. The students’ journey of scientific discovery will be made through four classics from the NFB’s short film collection, plus one film (Animando) that describes various techniques.

The unit contains two activities relating to the theme Create and Animate, one recap and reinforcement activity, and three hyperlinks to other recap and reinforcement activities.


Film title: Hen Hop

Directed by: McLaren, Norman

Year: 1942

Length: 03 min 40 s