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Thematic unit guide

Folk tales & legends

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Overall Objective
Enable students to explore the cultural universe of folk tales and legends by drawing on their own tastes, interests and knowledge.

Grade Level
Students aged 9 to 12

Content Areas
Social Sciences
Arts and Culture

Films used in this Unit
The Legend of the Flying Canoe (10 min 35 s)
Blackfly (5 min 6 s)
The Owl Who Married a Goose: an Eskimo Legend (7 min 38 s)

Computer, Internet connection, videocassette player, TV set, sheets from a white flip chart, markers, Canadian folk tales and legends.

Folk tales and legends are an integral part of every society. The characters, places and events they portray are largely drawn from a people’s way of life and surroundings. Every folk tale and legend, therefore, has its own cultural universe. For a discussion about the differences between a folk tale and legend, see the teacher’s notes.

This unit will help students discover the fascinating universe of folk tales and legends through three NFB animated films. The lesson comprises three activities and a closure activity.


Film title: Blackfly

Directed by: Hinton, Christopher

Year: 1991

Length: 05 min 06 s