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Thematic unit guide

Family album

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Overall Objective
Demonstrate openness to the diversity of family models in society.

Grade Level
Students aged 9 to 12

Content Areas
Social Sciences
Arts and Culture

Films Used in this Unit
George and Rosemary (8 min 48 s)
Stitches in Time (5 min 16 s)
Every Child (6 min 13 s)
Cuckoo, Mr. Edgar! (13 min 9 s)

Computer, Internet connection, videocassette player, TV set, sheets from a white conference flip chart, markers, magazines and books illustrating a variety of family models, and art materials.

This unit will help students become aware of the diverse family models that exist side-by-side in a modern society. It will also make them aware of the stages through which a human being passes in the course of his/her life, as well as the needs specific to each stage.

The unit comprises four activities associated with the theme Family Album, as well as a closure activity. The teacher’s notes in the appendix are important to read before presenting the unit in class.


Film title: Stitches in Time/Maille Maille

Directed by: Sirois, Anne-Marie

Year: 1988

Length: 05 min 16 s