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Thematic unit guide

The power to get along

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Overall Objective
Students will a) recognize and identify different types of conflict situations, b) learn practical strategies to handle conflicts, c) practice solving problems and resolving conflict with guidance.

Grade Level
Ages 9 to 12

Content Areas
Language Arts
Dramatic Arts
Citizenship and Community Life

Films used in this Unit
The Big Snit (9 min 49 s)
Elbow Room (8 min 19 s)
The Magic of Anansi (6 min 51 s)
Bully Dance (10 min 14 s)

Chart paper, markers, photocopies of material from the appendix, samples of newspapers and/or newsletters.

Students keep a Conflict Log throughout the unit to keep track of problems and their solutions. The four animated films encourage students to explore conflicts and conflict resolution in a safe, and sometimes humorous, way and to practise the strategies suggested. At the end of the unit, students share what they have learned through a classroom newsletter.


Film title: Bully Dance/La danse des brutes

Directed by: Perlman, Janet

Year: 2000

Length: 10 min 14 s