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Thematic unit guide

Our living earth

Download thematic unit guide (Word)
Download thematic unit guide (PDF)

Overall Objective
Students will a) use their senses to explore, appreciate and learn about the natural world and b) use their newfound understanding to create an awareness program in their school or community.

Grade Level
Ages 9 to 12

Content Areas
Language Arts

Films used in this Unit
Wind (9 min 23 s)
Dinner for Two (7 min 15 s)
When the Dust Settles (7 min 11 s)
Air! (2 min 3 s)

Graph paper, large poster board, calculators (optional), newsprint, student art materials and photocopies of some of the material found in the appendix.

After watching Wind, students take a nature walk to heighten their awareness of the natural world. After the second film, students take inventory of their household consumption to think more about resources and conservation. After viewing the last two films, students think about the impact of human life on the planet and launch an awareness campaign in their school.

Download thematic unit guide (Word)
Download thematic unit guide (PDF)

Film title: Dinner for Two/Dîner intime

Directed by: Perlman, Janet

Year: 1996

Length: 07 min 18 s