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Thematic unit guide

Citizens of the world

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Overall Objective
Help students to develop their notions of citizenship (including global citizenship) and to increase their awareness of a pluralistic society.

Grade Level
Students aged 9 to 12

Content Areas
Social Sciences
Arts and Culture

Films Used in this Unit
Black Soul (9 min 47 s)
Jonas and Lisa (9 min 11 s)
Baroque’n Roll (4 min 29 s)
My Child, My Land (4 min 5 s)
Roses Sing on New Snow (7 min 4 s)

Computer, Internet connection, videocassette player, TV set, sheets from a white conference flip chart, markers, art materials, and atlas or map of the world.

This unit will raise awareness of the problems of poverty, prejudice, slavery, racism, war and landmines. Though the issues tackled are extremely serious, the students will have an opportunity to see how they, as young citizens, can contribute to building a fairer, more caring and more peaceful world.

The unit comprises four activities associated with the theme Citizens of the World, as well as a closure activity.


Film title: Jonas and Lisa/Jonas et Lisa

Directed by: Côté, Zabelle, Schorr, Daniel

Year: 1995

Length: 09 min 11 s