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Bernard Longpré

Available films

2 of Bernard Longpré films are available for viewing in this section.

Title: Monsieur Pointu

Year: 1975

Length: 12 min 34 s

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Synopsis : Here is screen magic at its best. Virtuoso stage entertainer Monsieur Pointu (his real name is Paul Cormier, renowned beyond his native Québec), becomes even more animated through the art of film animation. He and his violin are literally taken apart--head, feet, limbs, various items of stage attire, bow, strings, and box go into their own separate acts, with strange and amusing results. Film without words.


Title: Nébule

Year: 1973

Length: 10 min 05 s

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Synopsis : In this animated film a black line becomes a magic cord to serve a small child's fancy. In Nébule's hands it becomes whatever he wills--a hoop to roll, a spring to jump on, a tight-rope, a dog, or a bird. The metamorphoses, played out against soft, pastel-coloured backgrounds, encompass all the world of a child's fears and fancies. A film without words.