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Jacques Drouin


Jacques Drouin

In 1967, Jacques Drouin discovered the pinscreen, the apparatus invented by Alexander Alexeïeff and Claire Parker for making films with the look of fluid engravings. After studying at the École des beaux-arts in Montreal and the UCLA film school, Drouin tried his hand at the pinscreen, making Trois exercices sur l’écran d’épingles d’Alexeïeff (1974), soon followed by Mindscape (1976). This dreamlike film, in which an artist steps into his own painting and explores the landscape of his imagination, won 18 international awards and was ranked 13th in a list of the world’s best animated films.

In Nightangel, which he co-directed with Bretislav Pojar in 1986, Drouin incorporated the Czech filmmaker’s puppets into his graphic environment and added colour. His next pinscreen works were Ex-Child (1994), in the Rights from the Heart collection, and A Hunting Lesson (2001), based on a book by Jacques Godbout. With Imprints (2004), three decades after Mindscape, he again uses the pinscreen to explore the theme of artistic creation. Drouin has also edited a number of animation films and created animated segments for documentaries by other directors

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