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Norman McLaren


Excerpts from a technical document used in the planning of colour use for the film Synchromy/Synchromie.
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Mask Test #3. - 1970. - Dope sheets : felt pen, ink and lead pencil on graph paper : 4 pages : 28 x 21.5 cm

Excerpts from a technical document used in the planning of single and multiple colour use for the film Synchromy/Synchromie, directed by Norman McLaren in 1971. The colours on the image track of the film were selected and drawn on paper prior to being reproduced on film. Filters inserted in an optical printer were used to match the hand-drawn colour to the photographically reproduced colour as closely as possible. The first page was used as a shooting test in which McLaren experimented with filters to best reproduce the colours drawn on his shooting notes in felt pen. The numbers preceded by a W refer to Kodak Wratten filters; for example, W47 is a dark blue. The numbers 2.40, 2.20, etc. represent neutral filters of various densities that allowed McLaren to control the colour intensity. Producing the special effects for Synchromy/Synchromie was a slow process taking over nine months and requiring a great deal of concentration from optical technician Ron Moore.

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