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Pierre Hébert

Available films

2 of Pierre Hébert films are available for viewing in this section.

Title: Memories of War

Year: 1983

Length: 16 min 10 s

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Synopsis : This haunting animation film, rich with symbolism, is the filmmaker's plea for a peaceful world in which to raise his newborn son. Using the menacing imagery of the howling wind, the artist provokes viewers to reflect on the insanity of war. While the film is symbolic, its message is unmistakably clear: unless there is an end to conflict, we will continue to see our children swept away like leaves in the wind.


Title: Op Hop - Hop Op

Year: 1966

Length: 03 min 30 s

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Synopsis : A hand-made, scratched-on film experiment in intermittent animation. The images are a group of twenty-four visuals, all non-representational, which arrange and rearrange on the screen in many combinations. The result is a changing pattern of sound and image that has its own rhythm for eye and ear.