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Richard Condie

Available films

4 of Richard Condie films are available for viewing in this section.

Title: La Salla

Year: 1996

Length: 08 min 11 s

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Synopsis : In La Salla, the classic tale of temptation is revealed to us in the unique form of a comic opera. We are taken into the world of a character who does as he pleases, mindless of the consequences. In a room full of wind-up toys, he sets a chain of events into motion that ends up disturbing both his own, and the viewer's, sense of reality. Sitting alone in a playroom, our hero is intermittently disturbed by a spectral visitor who holds an apple out to him. When temptation gets the better of him, he is left to suffer the consequences.


Title: The Big Snit

Year: 1985

Length: 09 min 49 s

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Synopsis : This wonderfully wacky animation film is a look at two simultaneous conflicts, the macrocosm of global nuclear war and the microcosm of a domestic quarrel, and how each conflict is resolved. Presented with warmth and unexpectedly off-the-wall humour, the film is open to a multitude of interpretations.


Title: Getting Started

Year: 1979

Length: 12 min 22 s

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Synopsis : In this animated film the hero attempts to practise a piece of music on the piano. A series of distractions delays him and when he finally sits down to play, pandemonium breaks loose. A short film that will appeal to those of us who tend to procrastinate.


Title: Oh Sure

Year: 1977

Length: 01 min 40 s

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Synopsis : The subject of this film is unmistakable: how to make a fool of oneself easily and effectively. Two men are involved: one who wishes to read his newspaper and another who insists on performing acrobatic feats. Although the outcome is surprising, the message is clear; the film points out the futility of going to great lengths to impress one's neighbour.