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Title: Ludovic - The Snow Gift
Director: Hoedeman, Co
Year: 1998
Length: 14 min 12 s

Snow. A wintry wind. In a thatched cottage that is home to a family of teddy bears, the young cub Ludovic dreams of tobogganing with his friends. 'No,' his parents tell him, 'you're too little.' Ludovic feels a bit lonely. But his dreams and imaginings are powerful: he invents wonderful games to share with his new best friend, a doll that has miraculously come to life. Wrapped in the music of Daniel Lavoie, this charming, tender tale by Co Hoedeman evokes the cosy relationship between a child and a favourite toy, offering a glimpse into the magic and mystery of childhood.

Co Hoedeman

Co Hoedeman

Co Hoedeman

Thérèse Descary

Co Hoedeman

Marie-Francine Hébert

Geoffrey Mitchell

José Heppell

Sound editing
France Dubé

Serge Boivin

Sonja Ball

Lilian Kruip

Daniel Lavoie

Technique(s) used

Object animation

Puppet animation