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Title: Blinkity Blank
Director: McLaren, Norman
Year: 1955
Length: 05 min 15 s

With an explosion of abstract images engraved directly on film, this well-known Norman McLaren film shows bird-like creatures engaged in a strange dance of seduction.

Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren

Roger Beaudry

Joseph Champagne

Maurice Blackburn

Technique(s) used

Drawing and etching on film

Etching on film

Technical notes

Throughout his career, McLaren fielded many inquiries about his films and techniques, so he got into the habit of writing up technical notes for much of his work.

Blinkity Blank (1955) href="http://www3.nfb.ca/archives_mclaren/notech/NT04EN.pdf" target="_blank">Technical Notes on Blinkity Blank (1955) - PDF