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Title: The Boy and the Snow Goose/Le Petit Garçon et l'Oie des neiges
Director: Thomas, Gayle
Year: 1984
Length: 10 min 32 s

In this enchanting animation film without words, a young boy finds an injured snow goose, which he nurses back to health. Constant companions throughout the glorious, sun-filled days of summer, the two sadly separate in autumn when the bird obeys the call to join its flock for the annual flight south. Lonesome for his friend, the boy whiles away the long winter dreaming of how he and the goose would fly together to magical places. With spring's return, the boy and the snow goose are happily, though briefly, reunited, each one realizing that the bond of love and friendship between them will endure.

Gayle Thomas

Gayle Thomas

Gayle Thomas

Executive producer
Douglas MacDonald

Pierre Landry

Raymond Dugas

Sound editing
Normand Roger

Normand Roger

Technique(s) used

Animated drawings