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Title: The Dingles
Director: Drew, Les
Year: 1988
Length: 07 min 47 s

Created by award-winning animator/director Les Drew, this magical animation film is bound to win little kids' hearts! The Dingles is full of singular characters that children can relate to, languid sunshine and warm friendship, sudden adventure and suspense, a happy ending, and just good fun.

The film's characters are a caring, grandmotherly figure, Doris Dingle, and her three delightful cats. Snobbish Donna is forever sorting through and admiring her collection of bird feathers. Curious DeeDee spends most of her time investigating the oddest details of Doris Dingle's activities, while all-round-good-guy Dayoh is intent on digging a hole to China. The plot involves an unexpected gale that bursts violently into the family's idyllic life.

Just how the Dingles escape certain doom is for viewers to find out! Young children will marvel at the storm's intensity, then sigh with relief to see Donna, DeeDee and Dayoh snuggled up in bed, safe and secure after an adventure-filled day.

The Dingles is an ideal film for home viewing, and a wonderful tool for education, pre-school to grade 3.

An adaptation of The Dingles, written by Helen Levchuk and illustrated by John Bianchi - a Groundwood Book published by Douglas and McIntyre, Vancouver and Toronto, 1985.

Les Drew

Les Drew

William Pettigrew

Executive producer
Douglas MacDonald

Animation camera
Pierre Landry

Animation camera
Jacques Avoine

Animation camera
Raymond Dumas

Sound editing
Normand Roger

Normand Roger

Emma Levine

Technique(s) used

Animated drawings