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Title: Cuckoo, Mr. Edgar!
Director: Trudeau, Pierre M.
Year: 1999
Length: 13 min 09 s

This charming and amusing animated short for young children offers a timely lesson about the joys of fatherly love. Mr. Edgar's life runs like clockwork - which is not surprising since he's a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock. Not only is he very punctual, he is also compulsively neat and tidy. But one stormy evening, his little world is turned upside down. A branch hit by lightning falls to the ground, dislodging a nest, and three eggs plop uninvited into Mr. Edgar's living room. In no time at all, they hatch into a trio of rambunctious baby birds. It's a crash course in fatherhood for our confirmed bachelor. The hungry little birds take up all his time and attention... but eventually worm their way into his affections.

Pierre M. Trudeau

Pierre M. Trudeau

Thérèse Descary

Associate producer
Marc Bertrand

Pierre M. Trudeau

Pierre-Michel Tremblay

Denys Saint-Denis

Claude Langlois

José Heppell

Sound recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Sound recording
Patrick Viegas

Serge Boivin

Jean Paul Vialard

A.J. Henderson

Louis Gagné

Technique(s) used


3-D Animation