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Title: Juke-Bar
Director: Barry, Martin
Year: 1989
Length: 10 min 25 s

Big business versus the underdog, or the territorial struggle between one greasy spoon and its habitués. Sometimes the underdog has the upper hand. A musical comedy combining puppet animation with live action, Juke-Bar rocks to a big-band beat. Film without words.

Martin Barry

Martin Barry

Martin Barry

Martin Barry

Yves Leduc

Executive producer
Robert Forget

François Beauchemin

Pierre Letarte

Jocelyn Caron

Denis Larochelle

Werner Nold

Sound editing
Marie-Claude Salvaille

Martin Barry

Brigitte Poudrier

Monique Villeneuve

François Bottega

Pierre Mailloux

Luiz Saraïva

Technique(s) used

Object animation

Puppet animation