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Title: The Hat/Le Chapeau
Director: Cournoyer, Michèle
Year: 1999
Length: 06 min 01 s

A young woman works as an exotic dancer in a bar. She recalls an incident from her childhood in which she was physically abused by a male visitor. This inner journey brings back painful memories, including the obsessive image of a hat. Black-ink drawings, spare and rapidly executed, flow together in a succession of troubling and striking metamorphoses. The Hat is a tough, visceral experience. With naked honesty, animator Michèle Cournoyer invites the audience to share in the pain of a woman whose body is on display and whose soul is forever soiled. A film without words.

Michèle Cournoyer

Michèle Cournoyer

Michèle Cournoyer

Animation camera
Pierre Landry

Fernand Bélanger

Original music
Jean Derome

Music - interpretation
Fabienne Bélair

Music - interpretation
Jean Derome

Music - interpretation
Normand Guilbeault

Music - interpretation
Joane Hétu

Music - interpretation
Jean René

Music - interpretation
Pierre Tanguay

Music - interpretation
Rainer Wiens

Sound design
Fernand Bélanger

Sound design
Jean Derome

Sound editing
Esther Auger

Monique Vézina

Foley assistant
Martine Collin

Sound recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Sound recording
Robert Langlois

Serge Boivin

Jean Paul Vialard

Post-production coordination
Andrée Delagrave

Maryse Chapdelaine

Administration assistant
Diane Regimbald

Marketing officer
Michèle Bélanger

Assistant to the producer
Francine Langdeau

Thérèse Descary

Pierre Hébert

Technique(s) used

Animated drawings

Ink on paper