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Title: Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room!
Director: Gauthier, Vincent
Year: 2001
Length: 06 min 58 s

Christopher is a terrific kid. He's cool, he's nice and he's smart. But he has one big problem... he's messy! His shoes smell funky, his fish bowl stinks... even the cockroaches can't stand it. In the chaos of Christopher's room, his fish rise up from their scummy bowl in protest. They enlist the help of a fastidious, well-connected cockroach. Together, the fish and the roaches hatch a plan that will change Christopher's life and his cleaning habits forever.

Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room is part of the NFB's Talespinners collection. Created for children aged five to nine, Talespinners uses vibrant animation to bring popular stories from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen.

Vincent Gauthier

Jo Meuris

Vincent Gauthier

Additional character design
Cilia Sawadogo

Assistant animator
Shira Avni

Storyboard consultant
Sheldon Cohen

Animation production supervisor
Marie Renaud

Digital imaging specialist
Normand Gauthier

Lead infographist
Dominic Tremblay

Randall Finnerty

Jon Gasco

Itsik Romano

Assistant infographist
Michel Provençal

Assistant infographist
Michelle MacDonald

Assistant infographist
Shira Avni

Layout assistant
Samson McNulty

Screen adaptation writer
Sugith Varughese

Itah Sadu

Picture editor
José Heppell

Sound editor
Don Ayer

Line test editor
Michel Pelland

Original music composer
Chris Crilly


Rob MacDonald

Foley artist
Monique Vézina

Assistant foley artist
Martine Collin

Music recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Music recording
Patrick Viegas

Foley recording
Geoffrey Mitchell

Foley recording
Patrick Viegas

Serge Boivin

Jean Paul Vialard

Technical co-ordinator
Richard Lesage

Technical co-ordinator
Andrée Lachapelle

Studio administration
Gisèle Guilbault

Studio administration
Andrée Lachapelle

Executive producer
David Verrall

Executive producer
Isobel Marks

Tamara Lynch

Technique(s) used

Animated drawings

Drawing on paper with computer rendering