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Title: The Sweater
Director: Cohen, Sheldon
Year: 1980
Length: 10 min 21 s

Bestselling author Roch Carrier narrates a mortifying boyhood experience in this animated adaptation of his beloved story, "The Hockey Sweater."

In the 1940s, in the rural village of Saint Justine, Quebec, listening to the hockey game on the radio was a Saturday night tradition... and so was rooting for the Montreal Canadiens. All the boys worshipped the star player, Maurice "Rocket" Richard, and proudly wore the number 9 emblazoned on their sweaters.

The boy in the story outgrows his hockey sweater, so his mother writes to "Mr. Eaton" for a new one. But instead of the coveted red, white and blue of Les Canadiens, the company sends a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey! Imagine the young player's chagrin when he shows up at the neighbourhood rink in the blue and white colours of the arch-enemy!

The Sweater has universal appeal for children and adults alike.

Sheldon Cohen

Sheldon Cohen

Marrin Canell

David Verrall

Executive producer
Derek Lamb

Animation camera
Jacques Avoine

Animation camera
Raymond Dumas

Animation camera
Richard Moras

Animation camera
Pierre Landry

Roch Carrier

Roch Carrier

English text
Sheila Fischman

Roger Lamoureux

David Verrall

Sound editing
Normand Roger

Normand Roger

Jean-Pierre Joutel

Technique(s) used

Animated drawings

Animation on cel