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A little history

Films of relevance

<strong><em>Bob’s Birthday</em></strong> (1990) - David Fine and Alison Snowden. © NFB

Bob’s Birthday (1990) - David Fine and Alison Snowden. © NFB

<strong><em>L’homme sans ombre</em></strong> (2004) - Georges Schwizgebel. © NFB

L’homme sans ombre (2004) - Georges Schwizgebel. © NFB

<strong><em>Conte de quartier</em></strong> (2006) - Florence Miailhe. © NFB

Conte de quartier (2006) - Florence Miailhe. © NFB

A glance at the works produced by the NFB reveals the multitude of serious topics that its filmmakers have addressed: alcoholism (One Way Street, Bernard Longpré, 1980), drug addiction (The Sniffing Bear, Co Hoedeman, 1992), incest (The Hat, Michèle Cournoyer, 1999), war (Neighbours, Norman McLaren, 1952; Bead Game, Ishu Patel, 1977; Memories of War, Pierre Hébert, 1982), etc. At various times in the course of its history, the NFB has produced film series tackling social issues: Rights From the Heart, ShowPeace and Talespinners, to name just a few.

The number of filmmakers around the world who have collaborated with the NFB over the years is incalculable. In addition to Alexeïeff, Foldès, and Grgic, referred to earlier, mention should be made of the German trailblazer Lotte Reiniger (Aucassin and Nicolette, 1976) and Czech animator Bretislav Pojar (Balablok, 1972). Other foreign filmmakers who have collaborated with the NFB include David Fine and Alison Snowden from Great Britain (Bob’s Birthday, 1990), Pjotr Sapegin from Norway (Aria, 2001), Georges Schwizgebel from Switzerland (L’Homme sans ombre, 2004) and Florence Miailhe from France (Conte de quartier, 2006).