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For 70 years, the National Film Board of Canada has been breaking ground in socially-engaged documentary, auteur animation, alternative drama and more!

Working with the NFB

Interested in directing or co-producing a documentary, animation, new media or alternative drama project with NFB's English Program? The following guide gives an overview of the kinds of projects we produce and how to propose an idea to us.

Our Criteria

We look at a number of things when deciding whether or not to produce or co-produce a project.

1. talent and creative vision of the director
2. originality of concept and approach
3. authenticity and diversity of voice
4. cinematic and narrative potential of the project
5. clearly articulated sense of the intended audience
6. social relevance

7. viability of project (in terms of access, timeframe and budget)

8.  production approach adheres to NFB ethical standards

If you have any questions, a producer in your local production studio will be happy to flesh this out in more detail.

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