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For 70 years, the National Film Board of Canada has been breaking ground in socially-engaged documentary, auteur animation, alternative drama and more!

Working with the NFB

Interested in directing or co-producing a documentary, animation, new media or alternative drama project with NFB's English Program? The following guide gives an overview of the kinds of projects we produce and how to propose an idea to us.

Submitting an Idea

Anyone who is a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant is eligible to work with us. There are no deadlines or application forms and we accept proposals throughout the year, . You must submit your proposal directly to the production centre in your region, but we also encourage you to contact your local centre before sending in your proposal.

Your submission should include:

  • A 2- to 4-page proposal that describes the story you want to tell, explains why you want to tell it, your point of view, a sense of the style and approach you’d bring to the film and an overview of your intended audience.
  • A project demo if available.
  • A c.v. detailing your experience and training in film and video production.
  • A DVD of previous work or an art portfolio including sketches of representative artwork in the case of a proposal for animation.

The NFB has 7 production studios across the country. Proposals should be submitted by e-mail or regular mail to the contact in your nearest studio. Hard copies should be accompanied by a disk with electronic copies of all documentation.

We’re also happy to consider fully developed treatments.

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