Across Cultures

Cinema and Representation

The Official Voice

By Albert Ohayon and Marc St-Pierre, NFB Collection Analysts

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Nina Beveridge

Nina Beveridge is President of Beevision Productions, a full-service multimedia company that has provided animation, broadcast design and post-production to producers and broadcasters in North America since 1993. Nina now produces multi-platform content. Sample producer credits include: “The Idealist: James Beveridge, Film Guru,” a documentary; “The Calling,” an HD Film.


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Poland on the Prairies [1944]
Excerpt - 2:55

Ukrainian Winter Holidays [1942]
Excerpt - 3:29

Iceland on the Prairies [1941]
Excerpt - 2:05

Photograph of James Beveridge [1963]

Ukrainian Winter Holidays [1942]

Voice of Lorne Greene from the film The War For Men's Minds [1943]
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Voice of Lorne Greene from the film Voice of Action [1942]
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Ukrainian Winter Holidays
1942, director: Laura Boulton

Excerpt (3:29)

This excerpt shows a religious ceremony, songs, dances and traditional costumes and is a good example of a 1940s film about folklore. Because it shows Ukrainian life full of gaiety and song and the people happy in their new country, it offers a rather idealized vision of this community.

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