Across Cultures

Cinema and Representation

The Official Voice

By Albert Ohayon and Marc St-Pierre, NFB Collection Analysts

Person interviewed

Nina Beveridge

Nina Beveridge is President of Beevision Productions, a full-service multimedia company that has provided animation, broadcast design and post-production to producers and broadcasters in North America since 1993. Nina now produces multi-platform content. Sample producer credits include: “The Idealist: James Beveridge, Film Guru,” a documentary; “The Calling,” an HD Film.


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Poland on the Prairies [1944]
Excerpt - 2:55

Ukrainian Winter Holidays [1942]
Excerpt - 3:29

Iceland on the Prairies [1941]
Excerpt - 2:05

Photograph of James Beveridge [1963]

Ukrainian Winter Holidays [1942]

Voice of Lorne Greene from the film The War For Men's Minds [1943]
Sound archive

Voice of Lorne Greene from the film Voice of Action [1942]
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Iceland on the Prairies
1941, director: Radford Crawley

Excerpt (2:05)

This excerpt illustrates the idea of Canada’s openness and tolerance towards immigrants. The Icelandic community of Winnipeg live as they did in Iceland. They speak Icelandic in the stores on Sergent Road and read books and newspapers in their language, their children are able to learn Icelandic and the old-timers still talk politics at the corner café as they did at home.

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