Across Cultures

Cinema and Representation

Other Views, Other Experiences

By Albert Ohayon and Marc St-Pierre, NFB Collection Analysts 

Person interviewed

Marilu Mallet

Born in Chile and living in Canada since 1973, Marilú Mallet has made documentaries, fiction films and docudramas. Among her best-known works are Journal inachevé, awardwinner at Biarritz, Chère Amérique, awardwinner at Cannes, and La cueca sola, which won many prestigious prizes in Canada and abroad.


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The Tree That Remembers [2002]
Excerpt - 3:09

Rupture [1998]
Excerpt - 1:42

Some Kind of Arrangement [1997]
Excerpt - 1:23

Les Borges [1978]
Excerpt - 4:30

Our Street Was Paved with Gold [1973]
Excerpt - 2:36

Some Kind of Arrangement [1997]



1998, director: Najwa Tlili

Excerpt (1:42)

In this excerpt the filmmaker records a family and a few friends discussing the matter of the daughter dating outside of their cultural group. The filmmaker has chosen to film this exchange in a very intimate setting, a family living room, where the participants can express themselves freely. You sense that the participants are comfortable having the filmmaker present as she is a member of their cultural group.

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