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Points of View

Image taken from In the Shadow of Gold Mountain, 2004. © NFB

British Columbia

Roy Miki

Roy Miki, professor in the English Department at Simon Fraser University, writes about the need to develop critical approaches for studying the representation of Asian Canadian histories and identity formations.

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Image taken from The Hutterites, 1964. © NFB


Lori Wilkinson

Lori Wilkinson, sociologist specializing in immigration and settlement, shares her thoughts about the ethnocultural diversity in the Canadian prairie region.

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Image taken from  Unsuitable Actions, 1997. © NFB


William Kymlicka

Will Kymlicka, professor of political philosophy, says that questions of immigrant integration and accommodation are as old as Canada itself.

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Image taken from The World at 10, 2003. © NFB


Lawrence Hill

Novelist and journalist Lawrence Hill discovers that the thread of social alienation permeates discussions of the experiences of Blacks in Ontario, be they descendents of long-time Canadians, people of Caribbean descent or recently arrived Somalians.

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Image taken from A Sleeping Tree Dreams of Its Roots, 1992. © NFB


Jack Jedwab

In this essay, the Executive Director of the Association for Canadian Studies, Jack Jedwab, writes about the importance of family, neighbourhood and community when adjusting to a new life in Canada.

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Image taken from Race Is a Four Letter Word, 2006. © NFB


Sylvia Hamilton

Filmmaker Sylvia D. Hamilton explores the ongoing search by Black youth for reflections of themselves in their school and society. She also reflects on the lessons about discrimination contained in her mother’s stories.

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Image taken from A School Without Borders, 2005. © NFB


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