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Lori Wilkinson

Lori Wilkinson

Lori Wilkinson is an Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Manitoba. Her current research focuses on the social and economic experiences of immigrants and the life course transitions of newcomer youth. Some of her most recent work appears in the Journal of International Migration and Integration and Canadian Ethnic Studies.

Point of View: Ethnocultural Groups of the Prairies

Lori Wilkinson, sociologist specializing in immigration and settlement, shares her thoughts about the ethnocultural diversity in the Canadian prairie region.

The Hutterites
1964, director: Colin Low

Excerpt (2:16)

Hutterites immigrated to Canada in the early twentieth century. They live in farm colonies which adopt up-to-date agricultural methods, as is indicated by this 1964 film shot in Alberta. Hutterites seek an ideal way of life based on Christian principles. Members conform to a traditional dress code, and men and women engage in work considered gender-appropriate.

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