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Jack Jedwab

Jack Jedwab

Jack Jedwab is presently Executive Director of the Association for Canadian Studies. From 1994-1998 he served as Executive Director of the Quebec Region of the Canadian Jewish Congress. He holds a doctoral degree in Quebec history from Concordia University. Dr. Jedwab is currently a lecturer at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada where he teaches Sports in Canada. From 1989-96 he was adjunct professor in the Department of Sociology where he taught a course on ethnocultural minorities in Quebec. He has written essays in books, scholarly journals and in newspapers across the country.

The Diverse Family of Canadians: Documenting the Immigrant Experience in Canada

In this essay, the Executive Director of the Association for Canadian Studies, Jack Jedwab, writes about the importance of family, neighbourhood and community when adjusting to a new life in Canada.

Mediterraneo Sempre - Mediterranean Forever
2000, director: Nicola Zavaglia

Excerpt (2:53)

This film puts 20th-century Italian immigration to Canada in the context of voyages to the New World going back to the Renaissance. Immigration becomes an often-told story of sea travel, discovery, separation, reunion and, for some, creative impetus. The story of travel to and from North America has become, for many Italians, a heritage in itself.

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