Across Cultures


Across Cultures is the result of the teamwork of many people:

NFB project management

Vicki Lainesse, project manager, online content
Stéphanie Barker, head, Partnerships

Working committee

Albert Ohayon, collection analyst
Marc St-Pierre, collection analyst
Colette Lebeuf, librarian
Lillian Anderson, researcher
Doris Bien-Aimé, coordinator, data entry
Nina Hopkins Butlin, researcher, indexer, content editor
Ryofa Chung, content coordinator

Website design

Jean-François Petit, information architecture and interactivity, Idéactif Conseil inc.

Website graphic design

François Turcotte, designer, Turcotte Design

Web site programming and integration

Gabrielle Vézina, programmer-integrator, ZenGerbil Web development
Jean-Sébastien Beaulieu, programmer-integrator, Interactive Services and Relational Marketing, NFB
Marc Trudel-Belisle, integrator, Interactive Services and Relational Marketing, NFB

Website integration and advice

Jean-François Côté, technical coordinator

Technical advisor

Mathieu Sheehy, Jr. Eng., R&D, NFB

Web analyses and usability testing

Nathalie Berger, project manager and user experience consultant, Idéactif Conseil inc.
Doris Bien-Aimé, user experience testing, data entry coordinator

Film selection

Albert Ohayon, collection analyst
Marc St-Pierre, collection analyst

Selection of documentary excerpts

Albert Ohayon, collection analyst
Marc St-Pierre, collection analyst
Colette Lebeuf, librarian
Lillian Anderson, researcher

NFB research and content

Albert Ohayon, collection analyst
Marc St-Pierre, collection analyst
Colette Lebeuf, librarian
Lillian Anderson, researcher
Nina Hopkins Butlin, researcher, indexer, content editor

Additional NFB research

Colette Lebeuf, librarian
Don Bidd, librarian


Doris Bien-Aimé, data entry coordinator
Yasmin Jiwani, English version editor

Commissioning editors

Colette Lebeuf, librarian
Doris Bien-Aimé, data entry coordinator

Writers (external)

Sylvia Hamilton
Lawrence Hill
Jean-Claude Icart
Jack Jedwab
Fasal Kanouté
Vadim Kukushkin
William Kymlicka
Peter Li
Kamala Elizabeth Nayar
Roy Miki
Lori Wilkinson

Interviews with experts, vox populi

Cinema and Representation section:
Albert Ohayon, collection analyst, interviewer
Marc St-Pierre, collection analyst, interviewer

Themes and Vox populi:
Paul Bossé, director, filmmaker, interviewer
Hyacinthe Combary, director, filmmaker, interviewer
Patrick Krawec, director, filmmaker, interviewer
Ali Reggab, director, filmmaker, interviewer
Doreen Manuel, director, filmmaker, interviewer


Jelena Popovich, editor


Chedly Belkhodja
Barbara Jackman
Janet Dench
Marian Shermarke
Pierre Anctil

Vox populi:
Mohammad Anvari – Toronto
Fatouma Bagnan – Moncton
Silvia Barrera – Toronto
Marin Baszey – Montreal
Nedjim Bouizzoul – Montreal
Lilya Bouyahiaoui – Montreal
Vicki Catagas – Winnipeg
Andre Clement – Winnipeg
Noëlle DePape – Winnipeg
Remi DeVilleneuve – Montreal
Victor Dobchuk – Winnipeg
Judy Dougan – Moncton
F. Pauline Douglas – Vancouver
Abdoul Aziz Gangue – Moncton
Suzanne Gates – Winnipeg
Peter Gildart – Sackville
Priam Givord – Toronto
Isa Hosein – Toronto
Doreen Irving – Irishtown
Naledi Jackson – Montreal
Tatsuo Kage – Vancouver

Amanda Lawlor – Moncton
Tanniar Leba – Vancouver
Jie Li, Longjuan Debby Duan, and Yi Guo – Burnaby
Azadeh Mousaviyan – Vancouver
Pascaline Nsekera – Vancouver
Khalifa Ould-Hamed - Montreal
Timothy Prathiapati – Winnipeg
Pierre-André Saindon – Moncton
Mohamed Salem – Moncton
Mike Sawler – Moncton
Rosalie Siba – Vancouver
Jas Sidhu – Brampton
Anne-Marie Sirois – Moncton
Jonasz Slovanski – Montreal

Cinema and Representation section:
Nina Beveridge
Marilù Mallet
Colin Low
Pierre Sidaoui

Transcription of interviews

Alexandre Ackaoui Asselin
Justine Ackaoui Asselin
Cassidy Lerman

Educational content

David Benn CoEd communications
Herns Pierre-Jérôme, retired teacher
Dale R. Martelli, teacher and program head
Jerry A. Berridge, communications and technology teacher
Jackie Underhill, teacher
Lawrence Harris, teacher
Richard Blaquière, social studies teacher

Cinema and Representation and general lesson plan:
Nina Hopkins Butlin, researcher, indexer, content editor
Linda Lee, communications officer

Photography and images

Lillian Anderson, researcher, photo labelling
Claude Lord, NFB senior photo library technician, digitization
Chaz Oliver, NFB photo library technician, digitization
We would like to thank Library and Archives Canada for providing us with images and photos to enrich the Website.

Database structure

Philippe Chartrand, systems analyst
Marc Lavallée, Synchrone analyst-programmer

Data entry

Doris Bien-Aimé, data entry coordinator
Monique Lebeau, data entry assistant
Lillian Anderson, library technician

NFB rights clearance

Dominique Aubry, Assistant Director, Business Affairs and Legal Services
Julie Gonthier-Brazeau, copyright clearance agent
Caroline Trudeau, copyright clearance agent
Hélène Dubé, copyright and contract administrator
Linda Smith, staff relations manager
Peter Kallianiotis, legal counsel
Sakia Latendresse, senior rights clerk

Online film rights

Artist and artisan associations:
American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM)
Société Professionnelle des Auteurs et Compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ)
Writers Guild of Canada (WGC)

Translation and revision coordinators

Doris Bien-Aimé, data entry coordinator
Johanne Summerside, Publishing Services coordinator


Sylvie Prieur
Cecilia Grayson


Nancy Barr
Louise Malette

Digitization and encoding of audiovisual content

Étienne Dallaire, digitization technician
Geoff Klein, digitization technician
Natalie Tessier, digital vault coordinator
Mathieu Sheehy, Jr. Eng., R&D, NFB


Louis Dupuis, technical coordinator
Sylvain Desbiens, technical coordinator
Richard Cournoyer, supervisor, vaults and labs


Johanne Lessard, financial advisor
Thérèse Hérard, finance and administration officer

Descriptive audio

Debra McGlaughlin, Valerie Hochschild and Khel Baldeo, AudioVision Canada, chosen by the NFB to produce descriptive audio for a selection of NFB films.

NFB quality control
Albert Ohayon, collection analyst (content)
Sébastien Simard-Elliott, customer service agent (content)
André Gagnon, head, sound postproduction

Sound postproduction technicians
Marie Desmarteau
Cynthia Flengeris
Teprine Baldo
Sylvain Cajelais

French subtitling for five films, film clips and interviews

Zoé-Andrée Major
Claude Dionne

Julie Lapperrière, technical coordinator
Nancy Barr, editor
Louise Malette, editor
Serge Gaudreau, effects and titles
Françoise Laprise, online editor
Denis Gathelier, online editor
Pierre Ferlatte, head, technical coordination
Michel Lapointe, quality control technician
Suzanne Guévremont, product identification clerk
Richard Cournoyer, supervisor, vaults and laboratories

We would also like to thank those who tested the Website for usability:

Nevena Zafirova,
Marc Gendron
Linda Khalfoun
Nathalie Popa
Laurent Lao
Igli Marku
Line Harvey
Alain Dugas
Lyne Tardif
Daniel Bourgeois
Chantal Sauvageau
Denis Gagnon
Andréa Zoellner
Frédéric Noirfalise
Miriam Paknys
Simon Ohayon
Mathieu Easterbrook
Vito Peragine
Bianca Dionne

Support for this project was provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online. This co-operation enables the NFB to pursue its mandate to extend access to its films to all Canadians.


We have done our best to ensure the accuracy of all credits and information posted on the site. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know and we will make the necessary corrections as soon as possible.