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Canada: A welcoming land?

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This theme explores the history of immigration to Canada and the policies that shaped the country.

Filmed interview with a specialist

An immigration and refugee lawyer discusses Canadian immigration policies.

Interview with lawyer Barbara Jackman - Part 1
2007, director: Ali Reggab

Excerpt (3:42)

Ms. Jackman practises law with Jackman & Associates in Toronto, where she has developed a reputation as one of Canada's most effective advocates for refugee rights. A graduate of the University of Windsor (B.A. Hons.) and the University of Toronto (LL.B.), Ms. Jackman has taught on a part-time basis at Queen's and University of Toronto Law School and taught at Osgoode Hall Law School for one year. She has also lectured at the Bar Admission Course, and worked with a number of organizations such as the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Council for Refugees, INTERCEDE, the Law Union of Ontario, and Working Women Community Centre. She has also published widely in this field.

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You can watch the different parts of the interview.

Part 1
The Canadian sponsorship program and its effects on families.

Part 2
The Canadian sponsorship program and its effects on families.

Part 3
Canada's refugee system and the Safe Third Country Agreement with the US.

Part 4
Canada's security certificate system.

Part 5
Comparison between the current security certificate system with a policy of internment during World War II.