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Why did we come to Canada?

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This theme shows people talking about their decisions to immigrate to Canada. Many state that political and economic pressures were compelling.

Filmed interview with a specialist

A University of Moncton professor talks about the regionalization of immigration and about the hope immigration brings.

Interview with Dr. Chedley Belkodja - Part 1
2007, director: Paul Bossé

Excerpt (1:39)

A part-time filmmaker, Chedly Belkhodja is also a professor in the political science department at Université de Moncton. In 2001, he co-directed an NFB-produced documentary with Jean Chabot, Imaginary Journeys. With a particular interest in immigration and cultural diversity, he co-directs the Atlantic Metropolis Centre and participates in various citizens' initiatives concerning immigration in Moncton. He has also published many articles in various journals, including Canadian Ethnic Studies, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Argument and Francophonie d’Amérique.

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You can watch the different parts of the interview.

Part 1
The difficult conditions certain immigrant women face, and how education offers some hope for change.

Part 2
Regionalization policies and the benefits of immigration to the regions.