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How do we reach out?

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This theme concerns intercultural communication—conversations, public addresses, interaction on the street, music.

Filmed interview with a specialist

A University of Ottawa professor discusses stereotypes of minorities in Canada.

Interview with professor Pierre Anctil - Part 1
2007, director: Ali Reggab

Excerpt (3:11)

Pierre Anctil was born in Quebec City on July 27, 1952. After studying in New York and Montreal, he is now Director of the Institute of Canadian Studies and a professor of history at the University of Ottawa. He has written several historical studies on the Montreal Jewish community. For his work in cultural research, intercultural relations and immigration he received the Ezekiel Hart Award in 1998.

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> Your Country, My Country

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You can watch the different parts of the interview.

Part 1
The role of media in transmitting negative images of minorities.

Part 2
Minorities in Canada often have to deal with negative stereotypes and systemic racism.

Part 4
Multicultural policies should emphasize support for artists.

Part 5
The results of immigration in Toronto and Montreal.

Part 6
The arrival of francophone Jews in Quebec and immigrants almost always choose integration over isolation.