Across Cultures

How does integration challenge us?

About this theme

This theme explores some of the economic and social challenges faced by members of cultural communities in Canada.

Vox populi

Vox populi - (7:43)
2007, director: Paul Bossé


What some of your fellow citizens think of the question: Jie Li, Longjuan Debby Duan, and Yi Guo - Burnaby Silvia Barrera - Toronto Isa Hosein - Toronto Azadeh Mousaviyan - Vancouver Peter Gildart - Sackville Amanda Lawlor - Moncton Timothy Prathiapati - Winnipeg Jas Sidhu - Brampton Tatsuo Kage - Vancouver Victor Dobchuk - Winnipeg Vicki Catagas - Winnipeg F. Pauline Douglas - Vancouver