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Mediterraneo Sempre - Mediterranean Forever

Mediterraneo Sempre - Mediterranean Forever
2000, director: Nicola Zavaglia

Film (72:27)

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Leaving behind the shores they would never forget, Italians crossed the Atlantic in two waves of immigration: first, at the start of the 20th century, and then in the years following the Second World War. Ever since, the Mediterranean has lived on in the memories and dreams of the Italians who made Montreal their home. Starting from a village in Calabria, the director recounts their saga and presents a chapter from the history of his own community. Wherever the tides of immigration carried them, the exiled descendants of Leonardo and Michelangelo have re-created a Mediterranean of the heart, to which they turn to reconnect with their roots. Through their words we witness the Italian spirit, marked by a history of families uprooted yet contributing so much to Quebec society. This is a film of lively historical and human interest, set against a backdrop of images depicting eternal Italy.