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During the short Arctic summer on Baffin Island, the native Inuit enjoys four months of continuous daylight. But it is no time for relaxation, for provision must be made for the long, cold winter night ahead. In this film Idlouk, an Inuit hunter, tells of his life in this northern land. We watch as he stalks the seal so vital to his existence, and as he and other hunters set out in kayaks to harpoon the white whale and the narwhal. At camp we meet his wife, children and aged parents, each of whom has work to do in the unceasing struggle for survival in this harsh land.

Director: Douglas Wilkinson
Writing: Douglas Wilkinson
Producer: Michael Spencer
Photography: Jean Roy
Sound: Clarke Daprato
Editing: Victor Jobin
Sound: Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Voice and Narration: John Drainie
Music: Louis Applebaum

Land of the Long Day

1952, Wilkinson, Douglas

62 min 37 s




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