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Building a canoe solely from the materials that the forest provides may become a lost art, even among the Indians whose traditional craft it is. In this film, César Newashish, a sixty-seven-year-old Attikamek Indian of the Manowan Reserve north of Montreal, builds a canoe in the old way, using only birch bark, cedar splints, spruce roots and gum. With a sure hand he works methodically to fashion a craft unsurpassed in function or beauty of design. The film is without commentary but text frames appear on the screen in Cree, French and English. Film without words.

Director: Bernard Gosselin
Photography: Bernard Gosselin
Producer: Paul Larose
Sound: Serge Beauchemin
Editing: Monique Fortier
Music: Maurice Blackburn
Sound: Roger Lamoureux

César's Bark Canoe/César et son Canot d'écorce

1971, Gosselin, Bernard

95 min 52 s




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