In the film excerpts under this theme, an Inuit stone carver, a Wendat artist and a Maliseet painter reflect on the role of art; a wood carver descended from the Haida and a Mi’kmaq painter talk about their sources of inspiration.


From Our Hearts to Yours - This theme delves into the cultural expressions of some specific Aboriginal peoples. It illuminates the cultural and artistic significance of such art forms as Inuit stone sculpting, Haida wood carving, and the paintings of a Mi’kmaq artist. The focus is on the process of artistic creation rather than the product or, as the Elders teach, the focus is on the journey instead of the destination.

Aboriginal culture respects and honours the world it is part of and the arts are a means of expressing that honour and respect. Whether it is in the form of a dance, storytelling, carving or painting all expressions communicate meaning.

In Aboriginal cultures there is an understanding that people are a part of a whole; a whole that includes the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. To neglect or abuse any of these aspects denies people the experience of balance and harmony with the world around them. Through the arts people reconnect to Mother Earth and the Creator while sharing with one another the many facets of life’s journey.

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