Cinema and Representation

This theme focuses on the ways in which Aboriginal peoples have been represented in NFB documentaries. Film excerpts illustrate how the representation of Aboriginal peoples has evolved over the last fifty years.


Caribou Hunters

Caribou Hunters 1

Caribou Hunters

1951, Director: Greenlees, Stephen

excerpt 1      1 min 43 s



This folkloric portrayal of Manitoban Crees and Chipewans filmed in 1951 shows the Indians happily doing business with the Hudson’s Bay Company.


1. Identify the stereotypical roles being portrayed in the segment at the trading post. How could the portrayal of the Dene hunters have been more authentic?

2. How does the film depict the importance of stewardship to the Cree and Dene of the North, and why is stewardship as important today to our Aboriginal people as it was when the film was made?

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