The film excerpts in this theme show the devastating effects of European colonialist policies on Aboriginal peoples. They also show acts of racism in which Aboriginal peoples have been victimized in their relations with whites.


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Overall Objective
This theme focuses on Colonialism and Racism. The pain of the past provides strength for the present and wisdom for the future. Films grouped under this theme document the darker moments of the relationship between Aboriginal people and government agencies in Canada. (Note: Many sensitive issues covered in this theme; teacher discretion advised.)

Grade level
Grades 7 – 12

Content Areas
Native Studies
Media Literacy
Social Studies
Language Arts

Films (and excerpts used)
Mother of Many Children, 1977
Excerpt 2 (11 min 21 s – 13 min 50 s)
Excerpt 4 (29 min 9 s – 31 min 20 s)
If the Weather Permits, 2003 Excerpt 1 (7 min 23 s – 10 min 15 s)
The Other Side of the Ledger, 1972
Excerpt 2 (9 min 14 s – 12 min 52 s)
Excerpt 3 (33 min 10 s – 35 min)
Forgotten Warriors, 1997 excerpt 1 (26 min – 28 min 55 s)
Kanehsatake 270 Years of Resistance, 1993 excerpt 5 (51 min 56 s – 52 min 46 s)
My Name Is Kahentiiosta, 1996 excerpt 2 (23 min 39 s – 25 min 57 s)
Uranium, 1990 excerpt 1 (10 min 58 s – 14 min 10 s)

Materials Required
Access to a computer lab, Internet connection, Web camera, data projector, flip chart paper or whiteboard, drawing paper and pencils.

This theme documents the Courage and strength of Aboriginal people to overcome the detrimental effects of colonialism and racism. Unfulfilled treaty obligations, denial of culture, the formation of residential schools, along with the failure to recognize the sacrifices of Aboriginal war veterans are a few of the many challenges, past and present, faced by Aboriginal people. Discussion around this theme is a crucial step in facilitating the healing process and working towards the goals of peace and harmony for all peoples in Canada. The films selected under this theme will take students on a journey into the past when values of equality did not extend to Aboriginal people. Specific focus will be on residential schools and their broad sweeping affects, along with an examination into the current living conditions at many of our First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities.

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