The film excerpts in this theme look at the creation myth of the Wendat, the life of the Mi’kmaq before European settlement, the origin of the word “Canada,” and the question of territory under the English and French regimes.


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Overall Objective
The focus of this theme on History and Origins is Strength through Diversity. Across our great country there are many different Aboriginal peoples, all with distinct cultures, languages, traditions and beliefs. The films in this unit recount some of the stories and memories of the Mi'kmaq, Wendat and Mohawk people.

Grade Levels

Content Areas
Language Arts
Social Studies
Native Studies

Films (and excerpts used)
Kanata: Legacy of the Children of Aataentsic, 1999
Excerpt 1 (1 min 37 s – 3 min 06 s)
Excerpt 3 (11 min 01s – 12 min 07 s)
Excerpt 6 (21 min 04 s – 23 min 27 s)
Our Nationhood, 2003 excerpt 1 (11 min 51 s – 14 min 49 s)
Kanehsatake 270 Years of Resistance, 1993 excerpt 3 (27 min 48 s – 33 min 11 s)

Materials Required
Internet, data projector, map of Canada, access to research materials.

An examination of the history and origins of the Aboriginal People in Canada is a complex undertaking. An understanding of the diversity in the country’s Native population speaks to the very fabric that is Canada, a beautiful tapestry of multicultures, strongly woven under one sky, providing comfort for all. A review of some of the historic events that helped shape our country should lead to an appreciation of the sacrifice and cooperation inherent in sovereignty and nation building.

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