History and Origins

The film excerpts in this theme look at the creation myth of the Wendat, the life of the Mi’kmaq before European settlement, the origin of the word “Canada,” and the question of territory under the English and French regimes.


Our Nationhood

Our Nationhood 1

Our Nationhood 2

Our Nationhood

2003, Director: Obomsawin, Alanis

excerpt 2      2 min 44 s


Description This excerpt describes the first contact of the Europeans with the Mi’kmaq and the dispossession of their lands and resources. Please consult historian Georges Sioui’s text for more information.

1. How did Jacques Cartier and his men respond to their first encounter with the Mi’kmaq? What were the stated goals of Cartier and his successors regarding the Mi’kmaq people?

2. Describe the pressures that resulted in the diminishment of Mi'kmaq territory throughout eastern Canada.



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