The film excerpts in this theme look at the creation myth of the Wendat, the life of the Mi’kmaq before European settlement, the origin of the word “Canada,” and the question of territory under the English and French regimes.


Strength through Diversity - An exploration of the diversity that makes up the rich complexity known as Aboriginal people. From the creation story of the Wendat to the stories of the Mi’kmaq before European contact, a rich legacy is preserved for young and old alike to enjoy.

Until recently, Canadians have been exposed solely to a version of history that recounts the events of the past from a European patriarchal perspective or His-story. Today the recounting of the past has taken a decided shift to include a matriarchal perspective or Her-story. Woven together the various accounts of the past make up a colourful tapestry properly referred to as Our-story.

Today the Aboriginals’ story is told in many ways by many voices and all are a great source of pride for Native people. Through the various media of films, music, television, newspapers and books the rich diversity that is Canada’s Aboriginal community is forever preserved for all to appreciate and enjoy. Excellent!

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