Indigenous Knowledge

The film excerpts under this theme consider the role of women, ways of thinking about hunting and fishing, forestry management, the technique of building an igloo, the importance of spirituality, and the preservation and transmission of ancestral values.


Tales of Sand and Snow

Tales of Sand and Snow 1

Tales of Sand and Snow

2004, Director: Combary, Hyacinthe

excerpt 1      1 min 37 s


Description Filmmaker Hyacinthe Combary, a Gourmantché from Burkina Faso,West Africa, visits Charles Coocoo, an Attikamekw from Wemotaci, Québec. Combary notices a similarity between their two cultures in regards to the importance of working in the woods and being connected with Nature as a way to foster fundamental ancestral human values in the young.
Questions 1. What environmental concerns do the Atikamekw people of Quebec share with the Gourmantche people of Burkina Faso?

2. Explain how the rituals and ceremonies of the Gourmantche and Atikemekw peoples are similar. Is there evidence of a shared world view between Indigenous people around the world?

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