The film excerpts under this theme consider the role of women, ways of thinking about hunting and fishing, forestry management, the technique of building an igloo, the importance of spirituality, and the preservation and transmission of ancestral values.


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Overall Objective
The focus of this unit is on the Passing of Gifts: skills, knowledge, values, beliefs, customs and traditions. The sharing of traditional knowledge maintains an important link between the past, present and future generations.

Grade Levels

Content Areas
Language Arts
Social Studies
Visual Arts

Films (and excerpts used)
Mothers of Many Children, 1977 excerpt 1 (5 min 05 s – 7 min 05 s)
Circle of the Sun, 1961 excerpt 1 (13 min 36 s – 16 min 06 s)
Tales of Sand and Snow, 2004 excerpt 1 (7 min 12 s – 8 min 49 s)
Kanata: Legacy of the Children of Aataentsic, 1999
Excerpt 2 (9 min 53 s – 11 min)
Excerpt 5 (16 min 27 s – 19 min 19 s)

Materials Required
Journal (notebook), Computer, Internet connection or videocassette or DVD player, TV set

The belief of our interconnectedness with the past, present and future underpins all aspects of Aboriginal life. The passing of gifts from generation to generation, therefore, is fundamental to the survival of Aboriginal peoples. Inherent in all our traditional knowledge is the world view that we are a part of nature, not apart from it, and that we
are all physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual beings.

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