Indigenous Knowledge

The film excerpts under this theme consider the role of women, ways of thinking about hunting and fishing, forestry management, the technique of building an igloo, the importance of spirituality, and the preservation and transmission of ancestral values.


Bella Bella

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Circle of the Sun

Circle of the Sun 1

Eskimo Arts and Crafts

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Our Nationhood

Our Nationhood 6

Tales of Sand and Snow

Tales of Sand and Snow 1

Our Nationhood

2003, Director: Obomsawin, Alanis

excerpt 6      1 min 33 s


Description In June 2001 at Listuguj , Québec, Allison Métallic, chief of the Mi’kmaq people, describes how his people use hand-controlled gas machines to do selective-cutting in their forestry management program in comparison to the big forestry companies that clear-cut using huge harvester machines.
Questions 1. Explain the difference between the forestry practices of clear-cutting and selective harvesting. What are the pros and cons for each of these practices?

2. What is the position of the Mi’kmaq people regarding the management of their forestry resources? Why do they oppose the commercial practice of clear-cutting?

About This Film

Short Description

This film recounts the difficult battle waged by the Listuguj Mi’kmaqs against the Government of Quebec in 1998 for the right to manage their own natural resources. The film also highlights some of the achievements of this community located in the Gaspe Peninsula.

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