This theme comprises film excerpts that give a voice to Aboriginal youth – young people who dream of leaving, confronted by the disappearance of traditional values and the difficulty of living in a world made by non-Aboriginals, and who are, sometimes, condemned to a tragic fate.


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Our Nationhood

Our Nationhood 7

Tales of Sand and Snow

Tales of Sand and Snow 2

Our Nationhood

2003, Director: Obomsawin, Alanis

excerpt 7      52 s


Description At Listuguj, Québec, elementary Mi’kmaq school children talk about the negative effects of clear-cutting the forest in their area. They create a signed petition to oppose the practice by the large forestry companies.
Questions 1. What would it mean to the young people of Listigouche if the Quebec government agreed to the Mi'kmaq leaders request to manage their own forestry resources?

2. How would the resource management practices of the Mik’maq differ from the management practices of the government-regulated logging companies? Which approach would ensure more jobs over a longer period of time?

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