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At the 1956 gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta, the exciting spectacle of the Sun Dance was captured on film for the first time. The film examines Blood Indian culture and spirituality, showing how the theme of the circle reflects their connection to wildlife, and addresses the predicament of the young generation--those who have relinquished their ties with their own culture but have not yet found a firm place in a changing world.

Director: Colin Low
Writing: Colin Low
Producer: Tom Daly
Editing: Tom Daly
Writing: Stanley Jackson
Photography: John Spotton
Photography: Dalton Muir
Sound: George Croll
Sound: Ron Alexander
Sound: Erik Nielsen
Sound: Kathleen Shannon
Consultant: Jim Whitebull
Voice and Narration: Pete Standing Alone
Music: Eldon Rathburn

Circle of the Sun

1960, Low, Colin

48 min 58 s

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