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In the vastness of northern Quebec, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, lies the village of Kangirsujuaq, in Nunavik. Here, tradition and modernity intersect on a daily basis. Teenagers lap up "southern" culture and play golf on the tundra. Their elders--many of them former nomads and hunters--are trying to get used to the strange feeling of staying put.

Elisapie Isaac, a young filmmaker born in Nunavik, decides to return to her roots on this breathtaking land. To bridge the growing gap between the young and the old, she lets Naalak, an elder, and Danny, a young policeman from Kangirsujuaq, tell us what they think.

She also speaks to her grandfather, now dead, and confides in him her hopes and fears. Above all, she asks the fundamental question: Can Inuit culture survive in the modern world?

In English and Inuktitut, with subtitles.

Cast or Participant: Naalak Nappaaluk
Cast or Participant: Danny Alaku
Cast or Participant: Timothy Etidloie
Cast or Participant: Bobby Qamugaaluk
Cast or Participant: Jimmy Kadjulik
Consultant: Elisapie Isaac
Writing: Elisapie Isaac
Director: Elisapie Isaac
Photography: Alex Margineanu
Sound: Yann Cleary
Sound: Stéphane Barsalou
Editing: Marie-Christine Sarda
Sound: Martin Allard
Sound: Marie-Ève Livernoche
Writing: Manon Barbeau
Writing: Elisapie Isaac
Sound: Lise Wedlock
Music: Alain Auger
Sound: Studio Cozmo
Sound: Shelley Craig
Producer: Yves Bisaillon

If the Weather Permits

2003, Isaac, Elisapie

45 min 51 s

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